Through more than 60 different industry-relevant topics, under 11 main categories, we will be focusing on helping your team understand the safest and most efficient way to inspect the condition of your average commercial property. The goal is to give them the knowledge they need to implement these procedures into mock projects (Stage 2) and, ultimately, the test they’ll take to earn their PCA certification (Stage 3).


PCA eLearning readies the learners for field inspection services. Stage 2 is a mentorship program where the learners are guided by a PCA-certified professional to implement that base-line knowledge, gained from Stage 1: eLearning, in the writing of a corresponding Property Condition Report (PCR). There are a number of ways to implement this process. CEG offers a selection of projects and scenarios that vary depending on mentee involvement and overall complication, or you may choose to have your team work on internal paying projects. Either way, CEGs team of PCA-certified professionals will be providing increasingly progressive review notes. Our mission is to provide insight on critical componentry documentation, best practice template usage, and advice on technical writing. Through both Stage 1 and Stage 2, your group will be perfectly positioned for continued growth!


CEG’s reviewers handle their first 5, 10 or 15 reviews saving you valuable resources and continuing their personal growth.

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