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With a reserve study from CEG Assessments, you can rest assured that your community’s financial situation is secure. 

  • Eliminate Financial Strain
  • Secure Your Community Budget
  • Reduce Wasted Time

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Eliminate Financial Strain

We can help get rid of the stress of feeling like there is not enough money to keep the condominium going.

Reduce Wasted Time

Reduce Fear of Time- Condominiums are playing against the clock, time wants the building to deteriorate, but a Reserve Study can help prevent the destruction.

Secure Your Budget

A Reserve Study provides accurate numbers for your reserve budget, which eliminates financial strain.

How Does it Work?

A quality Reserve Study prepared by experienced professionals is the most important tool for community associations to ensure accurate reserve funding is established and maintained. Failure to maintain an accurate reserve fund can result in wasteful overfunding, locking away cash that could be better utilized elsewhere.

An underfunded reserve can leave you relying on special assessments and increased owner contributions when disaster strikes. A solid funding plan backed by a high-quality Reserve Study is crucial to the financial health and stability of your community.

Every reserve study includes the following key components:

  • Cover Letter with Findings
  • 30 Year Reserve Study Horizon
  • Building Evaluation Report
  • Development of Component Inventory
  • Life & Valuation Estimates
  • Funding Status Evaluation
  • Model for Funding Plan

Find Out How a Reserve Study Can Help Your Community

Why Do I Need a Reserve Study?

We know how much time, planning, and stress goes into running a community property. The Reserve Fund can be the most daunting of these challenges. CEG takes the uncertainty out of reserve funding by analyzing both the community property and budget.

We will help you develop a 30-year funding plan to ensure your community is financially healthy for generations to come.

Having a Reserve Study Helps You:

Create a Harmonious & Strong Community

Have a Healthy Reserve Budget, Appropriate Cash Flow & Financing for Future Development

Avoid Low Community Involvement, Financial Strain & Board Distention

Find Out How a Reserve Study Can Help Your Community

Why Choose CEG?

We understand the frustrations of navigating the competing interests present in a condominium or homeowners association. Let us take away the stress of community property ownership so that you can build a stronger community.

At CEG, we help you avoid costly overfunding and eliminate the need for special assessments by delivering an accurate, high-quality Reserve Study and funding plan that lays the groundwork for a well-funded reserve. We provide you with clear, concise, and competent service that you can confidently deliver to your board.

Let CEG alleviate the stress and uncertainty of your reserve funding by providing a thorough, detailed report and solid funding plan you can count on year after year.

Balanced Approach to Inspections

Our balanced approach to inspections, financial analysis, building science, and report writing has helped to produce hundreds of healthy, harmonious condominium communities.

Timely & Efficient Process

Our timely and efficient process allows our experienced personnel to deliver accurate numbers that you can confidently deliver to your board.

Stress Free Reserve Budgets

We take the stress out of calculating your reserve budget and help you avoid an uncertain future.

Find Out How a Reserve Study Can Help Your Community